Nikki Geatches has 26 years expertise in the beauty industry. In 1997 she

decided to improvise and go her own way, doing what she had always loved

and been drawn to.


She blended her keen knowledge of cosmetic and beauty therapies with a new range of holistic treatments and massage concepts to relax the body and soothe the soul… and the Medicine Bowl was born.


...a safe haven to relax, de-stress and clear the mind, a blend of time combined with intuitively led treatments to connect with the mind body and soul.

The Medicine Bowl offers a blend of essential beauty treatments, complimented by holistic therapies and massage concepts to relax the body and soothe the mind and soul.

The success of my business is down to my most valued clients who have provided knowledge and growth for me through their life experience and interconnectedness.


Each person, each experience is a timeless moment of pure energy which evolves into a collective path of life itself. We have a great gift of manifestation - well I say lets do it - let us all manifest and project what we really want to achieve in life, because this is the start of the road to happiness and fulfilment.'

If you choose The Medicine Bowl today, healing is on
the horizon. This can be a spiritual, mental, emotional
or physical healing.
Pay attention to the events in your life and acknowledge with gratitude the healings that manifest themselves. 


The steps towards wholeness are often marked with small healing releases and can often be overlooked. Become aware of shifts in attitude or a sense of wellbeing and you will understand the healing as it manifests


In this way you are assisting your future beyond the Void to heal you in the present. | Tel: 01284 725002


Just Breathe Meditation is a group class designed to get you started with meditation the easy way.  I'm keeping it as simple as possible, dispelling some of the myths about meditation and giving everyone the tools to be confident and happy to improve their life.


So whether you want to 


Improve your sleep patterns

Make some time for you

Have more calm and peace in your life

Feel more balanced

Gain some clarity in your life

Gain more focus and concentration

Feel healthier

Or simply enjoy more mindfulness in your daily life


Just Breathe Meditations will help to achieve all of this and more...

​Just go to our online booking system and choose Just Breathe Meditation you're on your way to a happier healthier more enjoyable life.




Just breathe Meditation Class October 2017