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Spiritual Angelic Healing is a very gentle, yet powerful form of healing and the benefits that can be experienced are numerous. Many clients report an immediate feeling of serenity and peace and frequently experience improved sleep. This is often accompanied by greater clarity and a renewed sense of direction in life.


In the days and weeks that follow an Angelic Healing session, people have said that there lives have moved on, after previously feeling 'stuck'. The insights offered by the Angels of Healing often resolve issues that may be longstanding and can speed the process of 'letting go'.


A session of Spiritual Angelic Healing is carried out in a relaxed and peaceful space, with the client laying down. The healer will carry out a short consultation for medical purposes, but does not need to know the reason why the client has come for Angelic Healing.


Soothing music is played throughout the session, which will usually last approximately 1 hour. When the treatment is finished, the healer informs the client of the work that has been carried out during the session and passes on any information or 'messages' that have been given to clarify this. 


'Since being trained in Angelic Healing I have experienced a definite shift in my life's work and know I am exactly where I need to be.  In some small way each soul that I heal has a greater benefit to the world that we live in and that has been my souls purpose from the start.' 


(60 mins) £50


Angelic Karmic Regression is a relaxation technique with takes you to a source of an issue. By guiding your through this blocked memory the mind is able to release any fearful emotions which normally restrict you in everyday life.


Angelic Karmic Regression offers a safe and protected space which you will be able to access memories of the 'unconscious' mind. These memories may be covered up or hidden to protect you at any given time. Angelic Regression acts as a guide to bring memories into the open to be released and healed. The process is a gentle and beautiful one.


(90 mins) £75




Reiki is the Japanese art of gentle hands-on healing that has been handed down from one practitioner to another and helps to restore energy levels and balance within the body. It promotes peace and relaxation, reduces pain and helps your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


(60 mins) £45