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Balinese massage works on your body’s meridian lines changing the life force energy. In Bali, this unique massage has been handed down from one generation to the other.


The massage begins by warming up the tissues with three main dry techniques. Compressing and stretches throughout the body will ease tension and warm up the body prior to stimulating and clearing the meridian lines. Acupressure points are stimulated and deep massage will strip the muscle areas by pulling out the tension.


In the East coins are used to run along the body’s energy meridians to strip out the stagnant and blocked energy. It is believed to be a highly effective healing method to release toxins. The same effects can be achieved with a slightly gentler approach using the hands and the knuckles. This technique has been adapted to western clients, but the eastern view is if they do not feel pain during a massage then the healing benefits are lost, giving rise to the belief that the stronger the massage the quicker the healing process. We stay within the pain threshold of the client and ease the body of tension with a less challenging approach; consequently we recommend three treatments to change the life force energy for each individual.


We use coconut oil as a medium for this massage as it is classed as the ‘tree of life’, adding ginger essential oil to give a warming and comforting feeling to your treatment.

Balinese Massage

Full Body Treatment - 90 minutes

Extended Back Massage - 45 minutes






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