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nikki@medicinebowl22.com | Tel: 01284 725002

nikki@medicinebowl22.com | Tel: 01284 725002


Nikki Geatches Coaching


In the last two years I have studied Health and Life Coaching and more recently Mastery. 


This means that I have a wide understanding of many different topics but my heart lies with the deep emotional messy stuff we all love to avoid or push away.  In my experience I've learnt that these emotions need to be expressed and acknowledged. Then you can move through the process and out the other side to transformation.  The sessions go deep into the core belief that is keeping you stuck which is often a subconscious belief so you may not even be aware of it.


I help women in controlling relationships to regain their confidence and decide whether the relationship is working for them.  I work to support them through the process of understanding where they have lost themselves in the relationship and how to reconnect with who they are and ultimately redesign their life on their terms.


To work with me simply book a Free clarity call in the online booking section.  From here we can have a simple conversation to see if we are a good fit. 


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