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Nikki Geatches 

Self Love Coach



Self love embraces all the elements of the whole person.  


In society, we have been taught to put others first as this is perceived as kind and caring.  


For some this can leave us in a place of lack as we are not fulfilling our own needs.  


Consequently, decision making can be challenging, leaving us feeling unfulfilled, lacking direction and unmotivated to make any change.


Low self esteem, worry and anxiety are often familiar traits that create a feeling of not being enough or unworthy.


My style of coaching starts by honouring who you are and what you want to get out of the process.  


This is your time to explore what wants to be expressed so we can implement the change you require. 


When you start to embrace and love yourself you become whole.  From

this place you become creative and feel inspired to move forward with

any aspect of your life,  whether this is in your relationships, finances,

career or health.


Self love is a powerful tool that embraces your gifts and helps you to

realise that your power is within you, not in the material world. 


Once you have this realisation, we then coach on any blocks or old beliefs which may need revisiting, to shift you into a new approach of seeing life through positivity and inspiration.


We take a gentle approach to creating this change by offering weekly sessions in a program which is specifically designed for you in mind.  

As your coach I am here to support and guide you and stretch you out

of your comfort zone to expand your horizons and create more choice in your world.


​Your first session is complimentary and designed to create rapport for a

good working relationship.  There is no obligation to continue after this session if it doesn't feel like the right choice for you.


If you are curious to know more, then book a clarity call today. 





"I booked a clarity call with Nikki, I felt I hadn't achieved anything with my life and was constantly comparing myself to others. I was confused about the advice from friends and family. In my first session I uncovered exactly what I want to do with life and the things that are important to me, It turns out it was within me all along, I feel like I have suddenly woken up! Its amazing!"