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MD Formulations Glycolic Acid Peel Facial (60 mins)


Single Treatment 
Course of 6 Treatments
Course of 12 Treatments


CACI Non Surgical Facial (60 mins)


Single Treatment
Course of 10 Treatments










Glycolic acid, along with some other vitamin C peels are the most commonly used rejuvenation treatments for facial skin care. As naturally occurring chemicals, the AHA based treatments are one of the best categories of natural skin care products available in the market today.  With time and exposure to sunlight, there is a gradual slowing down of the rate at which old cells are replaced by newer cells.
A treatment with glycolic acid peels loosens the inter-cellular substances that hold the  face skin cells to each other. When this cement is loosened, it allows the dead skin to peel off readily. Shedding of the old, sun-damaged surface of the skin helps to encourage new growth of the cells in the skin underneath. The new growth of cells results in a fresher, healthier looking skin with more even colour and texture.
The effect of glycolic acid facial peels on the deeper layers of the skin has also been observed with high concentration and long-term use. The deeper penetration of glycolic acid peels has been shown to help in collagen and elastin regeneration helping the fine lines of ageing to disappear. All skin types benefit from this treatment especially sun damaged, pigmented skin, acne, oily skins, dry and dehydrated and ageing skins.



The award winning CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) has gained the reputation as the finest micro current machine available.

Backed by over twenty years of research, CACI is the best known system within the beauty industry and is considered to be the most advanced system of its kind. Indeed, treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as "the non-surgical face lift". The treatment is both preventative and corrective.

CACI combines a unique patented waveform with the naturally occurring bio-electric current of the body, to achieve instantly visible results on sagging muscles and skin tissue. The system is used to create a lifting effect using an electrical micro-current. This helps to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.

The CACI treatment programme consists of a course of deeply relaxing treatment sessions, followed by a maintenance programme to suit your individual requirements.



The Supercaci is an extended treatment concentrating on specific areas which you feel need additional attention, such as the neck, eye area and lip area.



The Supercaci is an extended treatment concentrating on specific areas which you feel need additional attention, such as the neck, eye area and lip area.






Super-CACI Non Surgical Facial (60 mins)


Single Treatment
Course of 6





Hydratone Facial


Single Treatment
In conjunction with a CACI or MD facial


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