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 LaStone is a very nurturing treatment which is gentle and soothing but powerful at the same time. Suited to those looking for stress release, relaxation and balancing especially after dramatic life experiences. 

The strategic placement of smoothly polished hot stones helps rebalance energy and soothe aches and pains. The body responds by drawing the blood and all its repair mechanisms to out of tune areas.  A cold stone has the opposite effect and forces blood away treating swelling, bruising and congestion.
Many people describe the LaStone treatment as being very nurturing and extremely relaxing.
The stones are likened to lots of little hot water bottles being “tucked in” and left to send you off to sleep.  At first it can feel a little strange but as soon as the stones melt the muscles the feeling is of deep relaxation, grounding and feeling centred.

The stones deliver a therapeutic and relaxing deep tissue massage and cleansing treatment which also aids the balancing of all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies

LaStone Massage

Full Body Treatment - 90 minutes

Extended Back Massage - 45 minutes

Course of 3 back treatments






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New! January 2019


Health and Life Coaching


Over the last year I've been studying to be a health and life coach. I've journeyed through this programme as a client to experience the transformation that can be achieved on all levels.


​So what is health and life coaching?


Coaching is about finding out who you are and where you want to be. The question is how do you achieve that?. 


With a series of coaching sessions we create easy steps to support you through this process.  So whether you want to lose weight, improve your relationship or want to make changes to your career these are all achievable through the 90 day program.  


Book a complimentary discovery session to unlock your potential.