This page is dedicated to the individuals and organisations that have enabled me to

grow on my journey in this lifetime. My heart is open and and I give gratitude for our experiences together.



LaStone Therapy is the original hot stone massage company which was created in 1993 in the USA by Mary Nelson. LaStone Therapy uses hot and cold stones to treat clients.  LaStone has spent years of research and experimentation in working with extreme temperature ranges and the stones energies.

Alison Gibbs has over 20 years experience in the spa and beauty industry throughout Europe and Asia. Now an independent Trainer and Consultant, she focuses on traditional Asian treatments. Honouring the history and traditions of Indonesia, Alison specialises in passing on the tradition and culture of age-old techniques.


Tri-Dosha’s founder and creative director, Sunita Passi is also a holistic therapist and inspiring teacher. She has led a life of adventure and exploration since her early teens and is passionate about India and all ancient teachings. It was her love for the ayurvedic tradition based on her own positive experiences with ayurvedic herbs in her grandfather’s clinic when she was just seven years old that took her back to India in 2002.

The school of Angelic Healing offers training courses, healing sessions, talks and workshops to help develop communication with the celestials. Angela is a wonderful teacher and guide she radiates peace and tranquility and her understanding of humanity is an advanced tool in this

day and age.



Jenna Cottage is a medium and clairvoyant who has been giving readings for over 30 years.  She has built up an amazing and authentic reputation both locally and nationally.  Her readings are truthful, understanding, and confidential and help the client to deal with any problems whether they are on an emotional level or connected to career or financial. She brings comfort to her clients from loved ones that have passed over and have words of guidance to share.




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