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Using specialised techniques, pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet that coincide with the internal organs, glands and systems of the body. Reflexology aims to restore balance in the body by unblocking energy that stagnates in the meridian lines.


It is thought that when the reflexes are stimulated an involuntary response occurs connected to energy lines within the body. This triggers a holistic action in the body to facilitate healing and balance. Providing results for all ailments, stress related conditions and perfect to instil relaxation into a busy lifestyle.


Reflexology can also be incorporated into any other treatment, if you wish to have some whilst your facial is on for example this is on offer and supports your treatment by improving lymph drainage, circulation and homeostasis.


(60 mins) £45

Course of 6 £225



A full reflexology treatment which includes placement of stones on the back and chakra points. Incorporating stone massage into the neck and shoulders and lower leg and feet.  Double results for healing and deep relaxation.


(60 mins) £50 

Course of 6 £250



Hopi Ear Candles originate from South Western America and were used by the Hopi Pueblo tribe.  Ear candling has been used for hundreds of years and Hopi means 'peaceful'.


The ear candle used is cylindrical with a hollow centre, it is made out of cotton and contains natural ingredients such as pure beeswax and honey extract. Traditional herbs such as sage and chamomile are also used to relax the mind. Once the candle is lit and placed in the ear the ingredients are vaporised and drawn down inside the hollow of the candle.  A light suction action and movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the candle that generates a massage like effect on the eardrum.  A 30 minute face and scalp massage is included once your candling is complete. 


Ear Candling induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and is soothing and extremely relaxing.  It is good for earache, dizziness, colds, headaches, migraines, stress and nervous disorders.


(60 mins) £40

Course of 3 £100

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