I am a Massage Therapist, Workshop & Retreat Host and Self Love Coach.


My life purpose is to enable you to heal and grow into wholeness.


I celebrate every part of myself - the dark and the light, I know that I have all the tools that I need in this journey of life.


Care to join me?


​From therapies to meditation, coaching workshops and retreats my focus is self love for all of you.

...a safe haven to relax, de-stress and clear the mind. 

Medicine Bowl offers a toolbox of massage therapies, self love workshops and retreats and Self Love Coaching practice. Our aim is to relax the mind, body and soul and inspire you to be yourself. Completely whole.






As we evolve as human beings, learning every day about compassion and love, our need for self care enables us to clear and revisit what we truly believe and want out of our lives.


We are all connected, and by simply embracing ourselves we can celebrate the life we have been given, living in peace.


Self care is the beginning of self love and it starts here.

mymedicinebowl@gmail.com | Tel: 07709469004



Nikki Geatches -Self Love Coach


You have made the first step to transforming your life.  


Knowing that there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now. 


There is a deep happiness, abundant joy and a productive yet peaceful place waiting for you.  


And it starts with you.  It's within you, within your essence.

We have all been given gifts to express in this life and by simply realising this you start on the journey of transformation.


Through a series of zoom sessions little by little we will reveal your true self.  


You are becoming YOU completely for the first time. Loving who you are and accepting the light and shadow within you creates wholeness and from here anything is possible.


Join me today for a complimentary clarity call to find out what you most want to work on now.